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AEC 2021 is the platform for African leaders to connect and empower Africans with the lessons learnt across the board and proffer African-centric solutions for Africa Problems. Register to attend this virtual and televised event. See the Event Schedule and below. Click here to register now.

AEC 2021 Event Schedule Day 2

Transformative Disruption

Through intentional measures, "Will Africa truly enjoy transformation?" We shall x-ray the possibilities and potential solution of this through the different keynote speech, health, tech and entertainment sessions.


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5, Jerome Udoji Close, Asokoro Abuja

AEC 2021, NOVEMBER  1-3 | 10 AM GMT+1

Accelerate Africa:

Building Back Better

From the backdrop of a dwindling economy and broken down systems, caused by Covid-19, African Economic Congress 2021 (#AEC2021) goal is to answer the question, “How Should Africa Do Better?” Join leading African solution makers at this 3-day event to discover how Africans can have a better come back!


Watch the Video Below to Discover Why Africa Need to Commit to Building Stronger

AEC 2021 Event Schedule Day 1

Sustainable Recovery

Can Africa go beyond merely recovering to sustaining developmental growth? With the keynote speaker uncovering the possibilities to Accelerate Africa, AEC 2021, Day one will kick off with a punch. Africa sits at the centre of the discourse with the AfCFTA, Security, Finance and Energy Sessions respectively.

AEC 2021 Event Schedule Day 3

Ambition to Action

There is a thin line between a failed state and a non-functioning state. This is the reason, to listen to the call to “Secure Africa’s Future Now”. Our growth sprouts lie in our Women, Youth and Agriculture. This shall be the focus on day 3. Click here to register to attend AEC 2021 conference.

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