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>Africa >Yoweri Museveni takes oath to kick off 6th term as Uganda’s President
Yoweri Museveni sworn in as president of Uganda

Yoweri Museveni takes oath to kick off 6th term as Uganda’s President

Uganda’s 76- year old Yoweri Museveni has been sworn in for his sixth term as President of Uganda. Museveni won the elections held earlier this year with 58% of the total votes despite wide reports of irregularities.

The swearing-in ceremony held in Kampala on Wednesday and was attended by 4,000 invited guests, including diplomats, local politicians, 11 heads of state from Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Namibia, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Somalia. All of those who attended wore masks and observed social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In his inauguration speech, President Museveni said he had done extremely well for the past five terms in office, something that has given dreamers room to dream of leading Uganda. “Under the leadership of National Resistance Movement (NRM), Uganda has deepened and blossomed, to the extent that anyone can now dream of leading Uganda. This has not come about by chance. It is the result of unfaltering efforts by patriotic folks who chose to put Uganda first. Yours and my role should be to put in honest hard work, shun corruption and offer support to each other” he said.

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