The meeting will convene key leaders from government, the private sector, academia and civil society to accelerate the adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Industries and boost the dynamism of Africa to attain its growth potential.

The three-day programme will address industry-specific issues and the following cross-industry pillars:

  • Bilateral relationship review between African Countries and their Asian Counterparts, with special focus on China
  • Impact of data usage, data governance and cyber-security concerns on the future of the digital economy
  • Regional Integration and the trepidations about Africa free trade zone agreement.
  • Implications of volatile geopolitical environments on businesses and how they operate across borders and with other industries
  • Transformation of talent and the impact on employment, skills, societal needs and political expectations on business leadership
  • Influence of climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals on the future of investing, infrastructure, manufacturing and consumption

For more information, please refer to the Meeting Overview