Karima Rhanem, a Moroccan multiple awards winner, is an African citizen diplomat with more than 18 years professional experience in youth and civil society, public policy, strategic communication and advocacy, media and outreach, capacity building, strategic studies and research, citizen and digital diplomacy, and international development.

Rhanem, who was recently named one of the 30 most influential young leaders in Africa and Europe for the year 2019 by the Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation, serves as the current president of the International Center for Diplomacy in Morocco. Karima has previously worked as a Public Policy Advocacy Specialist at Counterpart International and Development Outreach and Communication Specialist at USAID/ US Embassy Morocco. Karima also worked as Managing Editor for Morocco Times Newspaper. She served in several national and international consultative committees related to the legal enabling environment and policies on youth and civil society. She has also been a jury member of development and advocacy and Innovation projects including HM King Abdullah II Award for Youth Achievements and Innovation and Youth Initiators mandated by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports within the framework of Egypt presidency of the African Union. She has more than 22 international and national awards for engagement in civil society and human development. The activist holds the record of the first Moroccan woman to be awarded the Pan African Humanitarian Award for the Young Achievers for Social Leadership and Nation Building in 2017.
She has also won an outstanding Award for Global Leadership Excellence in Public Policy and International Integration and named Humanitarian Ambassador for the World Habitat Ambassadors Foundation.

Karima was also nominated 2018 Ambassador of the Pan African Humanitarian Summit and Awards and was named Women of Substance at the Executive Leadership Summit in Zambia by PeacfulMind Foundation. Karima Rhanem is a strong advocate for youth issues at the African level and is implementing several programmes within the framework of the African Network of Youth Policy Experts she co-founded and through her initiative called Africa My Home, which empowers African young leaders to own their local solutions by Africans and for Africans. She is also Morocco director of the Network of African Youth Organizations of the United Nations and founding member of the network of young women leaders of French Speaking African countries