Like Jefferson said, “Never spend more than you have earned.”

Like Jefferson said, “Never spend more than you have earned.”


This is January and at the beginning of each year, we start setting up financial budgets and targets for ourselves. Often times than not, a lot of us do not stick to our plans due of unexpected expenditures and other factors. But a lot of the time, we tend to spend more than we have earned, especially on bills. I fact, we spend our money on pre-planned bills before we even receive the money.

This year, how do you intend to start making sound financial plans?

One important thing you can do is to stop spending more than you earn.

This sounds difficult, right? Almost impossible, but the first step is acknowledging that this is a sound and reasonable financial advice, then, making up your mind to practically try to apply it. Bit by bit, you might start developing a healthy spending habit.

Shall we try it out this week?

Have a productive work week ahead!

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