Congress Agenda

DAY 1 (2 Nov. 2020)


• Governance Session. 

Post Covid-19: Africa in the New Economic Order.  

• Start-Up Challenge. 

Improving Africa’s Business Community.  

• Agriculture Session. 

Post COVID-19: Transforming and Safeguarding Africa’s Food Systems. 

 • Education Session. 

Africa’s Education Crisis in the Face of a Pandemic.

DAY 2 (3 Nov. 2020)


• Central Banks Session. 

African Central Banks: Countering COVID- 19 Economic Threats. 

• Meet Africa’s Business Leader. 

One-on-One with an African Business mogul.  

• Health Session. 

Future of Healthcare: Building Sustainable Systems for the Future.  

• Women Session. 

Expanding Women Economic Potentials. 

DAY 3 (4 Nov. 2020)


• MSMEs Session. 

Post Covid-19: African MSMEs, Catalysts for Economic Recovery.  

• Solution Providers Speech.

Top Business and Government Agencies Share and Educate Africa on Their Various Strives.  

• Tech Session. 

Future of Work in Africa: Innovation and Adaptation for All.  

• Development Session. 

Restoring Foundations for Long Term Sustainable Growth.