It gives us great pleasure to warmly welcome you all to “African European Roundtable 2019 ” which will be held in Abuja, Nigeria during The African Economic Congress, November 4-6, 2019. The meeting is a highly organized campaign with the theme “Partnerships for shared prosperity”. The AFRICA-EUROPEAN ROUNDTABLE 2019 offers an exclusive platform of content and networking, capable of promoting the long-term growth of strategic economic relations between Europe and Africa.

The session is designed to provide a high-level and unique opportunity to promote networking and debate. Moreover, it is a perfect occasion to share the work and the activities of the Leaders Community formed around the African Economic Congress.

The High-Level Roundtable will highlight the untapped potential for deepening the partnership in Agriculture, energy, oil and gas, technology exchange and trade as well as their importance for economic growth, creating employment opportunities, building resilient societies and fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. In order to harness this potential, political will is crucial for creating the necessary conditions for investment and innovation. Together with the vice president of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi OSINBAJO and the head, European high commission to West Africa Ms. Isabel CANDELA-RODRIGUEZ will open the Roundtable at the African Economic Congress. During the high-level dialogue segment, political leaders and CEOs will be invited to share their vision on the current and future cooperation between Africa and Europe regarding innovation and development. Participants will consist of European and African heads of state and government accompanied by relevant ministers, CEOs of highly agile and innovative European and African companies, representatives of start-ups and innovative companies, investors, bilateral and multilateral development partners, and civil society representatives.

The Roundtable will focus on key themes linked to innovation for the digital age in Africa: Agriculture, FinTech, Job creation for industrial revolution; Investing in Start-ups; Sustainable Energy Access; eGovernment; Accelerating eCommerce in Africa

The Meeting will be accompanied by Business-to-Business (B2B) as well as Business to Government (B2G) meetings (organized by), where entrepreneurs and innovators will exchange their concepts and solutions for the African Development. A lot of innovation is happening both in Africa and in Europe, with many creative start-ups providing solutions for different emerging challenges, and this will be an opportunity to showcase them.

Thanks to our international experts and influential advisors, the roundtable discussion will address pivotal issues for Europe and Africa, taking into consideration the geopolitical, economic, and social trends that will influence the future of both continents.

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