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How can Africa focus on adding value in order to increase intrinsic value and profit for our exports that create sustainable growth? Watch now.

Vision Statement: In light of the rapid developments taking place in Africa and globally being well aware of the opportunities that are buried within our challenges. The AEC is envisioned to create an environment of discourse and pave way for Pan-African integration of shared ideas to build better societies, improved governance and sustainability of the African continent through enhance public-private cooperation and enabling the African people to play a proactive role in realising the African dream.   Mission statement: The African Economic Congress is committed to improving the state of the African community by engaging leaders of Africa in politics, business, academic and the

Our Beliefs: We believe that the shared experiences of Africans provide the bedrock for cooperation that can be used to exchange ideas, best practices and advice on public policies that will put Africa in a global position of power that will expedite Africa’s development in the global economy.   Our Goal: The African Economic Congress aims in all our efforts and activities to highlight the spirit of entrepreneurship, leadership, governance and demonstrating high standards of intellectual and social integrity and these forms the core of all our activities and shared partnerships. Working together with people in government, policymakers, thought leaders and the citizenry on

The African Economic Congress is a Pan-African International Organization focused on public-private participation, partnership and cooperation to drive sustainable growth and development in Africa. Our work is geared towards improving Africa’s positioning in the global economy, by encouraging public-private interactions to create better policies, new opportunities in the diverse sectors of Africa’s economy and enhance the decision making at the international level which will improve the quality of lives of the African people. The African Economic Congress is a platform for engagement for top African leaders in politics, business, industry, culture, civil societies, thought leaders and academia.

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